What is Airdrop? A Comprehensive Explainer

What is Airdrop? A Comprehensive Explainer

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Feb 8, 2023
What is Airdrop? A Comprehensive Explainer

What is Airdrop? A Comprehensive Explainer

Airdrops are a form of cryptocurrency distribution used to bring awareness to a project, create an initial fan base, attract prospective users, or financially incentivize early adopters. The free distributions are used by developers or companies to distribute certain amounts of cryptocurrencies or tokens to the wallets of current holders of a specific blockchain-based currency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Understanding Airdrops

Airdrops are used by blockchain-based projects to promote and attract users to their platforms. This can be done by giving away a specified amount of tokens or coins to the wallets of users who already possess a cryptocurrency from a specific blockchain, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Different Types of Airdrops

When it comes to airdrops there are two common types: hard and soft. The type of airdrop defines the process of how users apply and receive their free tokens or coins.
  • Hard Airdrops: Hard airdrops require the user to complete certain tasks in order to receive airdrop tokens or coins. These tasks can range from joining a Telegram group, following a Twitter account, or completing other social media tasks.
  • Soft Airdrops: Soft airdrops are much simpler, as they do not require users to do any work. They only have to provide their wallet address and are then eligible for the airdrop.

Case Study on NFT Airdrops

One example of an NFT airdrop is the project CryptoKitties, a blockchain-based virtual game. The CryptoKitties project used airdrops of their in-game collectible characters as promotional tools. They airdropped tokens to existing Ethereum wallet holders. This allowed them to spread awareness of their project and attract players to their ecosystem.

Case Study: How a Company Used Airdrops to Attract Users

The gaming company Atari used airdrops to launch the Atari Token prior to its initial exchange offering (IEO). The airdrop provided a platform to showcase the Atari Token use case by providing rewards to fans of the company, who then spread awareness of the project. The airdrop was a successful promotional tool and supported the eventual listing of the Atari Token on exchanges.

How DAOs Use Airdrops to Reward Fans in Web3

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have been using airdrops to reward their user base. DAOs are complex self-acting entities without the need for a central controlling authority. They use airdrops to distribute tokens to the wallets of their supporters for their contributions. This increases the base of users, which would in turn increase the value of the token.

How to Get Free Airdrops

For users interested in getting free airdrops, there are several steps that may need to be taken. These can include following the directions of the airdrop, providing your cryptocurrency wallet address, and adhering to the requirements of a particular project. It’s important to be aware of any restrictions and to remember that not all airdrops are legitimate.

How to Launch an Airdrop Campaign with Etcheve

Etcheve helps you launch and manage successful airdrop campaigns. Their platform helps you build a community and distribute your NFTs to your followers, in turn growing your fan base. Etcheve provides easy-to-use tools to create a successful airdrop campaign, helping you increase user engagement and adoption of your project.

Why You Should Choose Etcheve to Build Your Community and Airdrop NFTs to Engage With Your Fans

Etcheve is the leading platform for launching and managing airdrop campaigns. Their platform is intuitive and user-friendly and includes features such as automated airdrop management, customizable branding, and airdrop analytics. Additionally, they provide fully managed services to help you create and manage your airdrop campaigns. With Etcheve, you will be able to quickly and easily create, monitor, and optimize your airdrop campaigns to engage with and reward your fans.