What Are The Perks of Using NFTs?

What Are The Perks of Using NFTs?

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Feb 7, 2023

What Are The Perks of Using NFTs?

Understanding The Meaning of Perks

Perks are benefits or advantages given to someone in return for subscribing or taking part in a service or product. They often come in the form of loyalty or membership rewards and can come in a range of forms. Examples of perks include discounts, free gifts, exclusive access, and more.

Perks at NFTs

Using Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to provide perks to customers, fans, and followers is becoming increasingly popular thanks to their various advantages and the fact that they can be used to verify ownership. NFTs offers a way for businesses and artists to reward customers for their loyalty with exclusive offers and rewards, which may be non-transferable and even one-of-a-kind.

Case Study 1: NBA TopShot

The online marketplace for digital collectibles known as NBA TopShot is a great example of using NFTs to provide perks. NBA TopShot allows collectors to purchase and trade officially licensed collectible digital basketball highlights from the NBA. TopShot also allows them to use their collections to participate in exclusive events and giveaways.

Common Types of NFT Perks

NFTs can be used to provide a range of perks including limited-edition or exclusive items, early access to content or products, discounts, free shipping, and even withdrawal privileges.

Case Study 2: NFT-Enabled DAOs for Fans

Etcheve is a platform that has developed an NFT-enabled DAO to help fans and their communities to gain more from their passions. The platform allows brands to build and manage their own communities and reward members with NFTs, creating a unique tokenomics model to incentivize participation.

How Etcheve Helps with NFTs and Perks

Etcheve provides an end-to-end platform to manage fans and reward them with exclusive and unique perks. With the help of Etcheve, brands can create a community that connects fans and their passions, allowing them to be further appreciated and engaged.

Why You Should Choose Etcheve to Build Your Community with NFTs and Perks

Using NFTs to provide perks to fans can create a closer bond between them and the brand, and Etcheve makes it easy to do this. With Etcheve, you can create your own NFT-enabled DAO to build and manage your community, reward fans with NFTs, and engage with your fans in a more meaningful way.