NFT Membership Card Playbook

NFT Membership Card Playbook

Determine the number of membership card tiers.
Create image for NFT membership card.
Determine rights and perks for NFT cardholders.
Determine the quantity of NFT membership cards to be issued.
Determine your start and end dates for sales.
Prepare your Metamask wallet.
Sign into Etcheve and establish a community project.
Select the selling platform.
Manage members and perks

1. Prepare Project Information

We recommend selecting between one and three tiers, such as silver, gold, and platinum. If you're only releasing a small quantity, less than one hundred, we recommend starting with a single tier.
Other things that you need to prepare, * means must have:
Project Name *: A catchy name helps attract customers.
Project Symbol*: Typically, it is the abbreviated brand name.
Project Description*: Explain to your prospective buyers what this project is about, what makes it unique, and what benefits they will receive.
NFT description*: introduce the membership card in greater detail and summarize the key benefits your holder will enjoy
About Project Description:
A good NFT project will always have a convincing value proposition. What makes it special and worthwhile to collect or use? What objective do you hope to achieve with this project? For the purpose of supporting your future creation? Reward your loyal fans? Make the art world available? Why should the prospective buyer be enthusiastic? We recommend that creators include their art stories and backgrounds here.

2. NFT Images

Utilize an image that represents your brand or creative style to attract the attention of potential buyers.
If you lack time for graphic design, we've prepared a standard Etcheve template for you.

3. Perks

Choose and decide among below options:
Airdrop: future free events and NFTs
Whitelist: early access to your next NFT project or events
Offline event access
Festival event access
Discounts of future merchandise or events
  • If you want to add customized ideas, please email to
  • If you wish to add additional perks to your NFT project or holders in the future, you can do so by utilizing the perks smart contract or by contacting

Template For Describing Perks

4. Quantity

Start with 100 if you are unsure. Check with us to see if we have any special offers to waive your gas charge.

5. Sales Period

There are three dates that are crucial for your sales:
Pre sale date Sale starts date Sale ends date

6. Wallet

You and your buyers must possess a wallet to store NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Presently, we support the Metamask wallet.
Check below subpage to create a wallet if you do not already have one. Share it with your prospective buyers to facilitate wallet setup.
Create Metamask Wallet (1)
Create Metamask Wallet (1)

7. Launch Project on Etcheve

If you've followed the previous six steps, it should take you less than fifteen minutes to set up your project on Etcheve. If you need more information, watch this demo video.
Video preview

8. Selling Platform

You may sell on any platform of your choosing. Learn more about various NFT marketplaces through the following website. Currently, we facilitate direct listing on Opensea and Rariable.
If you do not wish to sell on the NFT marketplace, but rather through your own social media, community group, newsletter, or personal website, we have created a page for you to share and sell within your own community.

How to sell on Opensea?


How to transfer NFTs to your fans on OpenSea? (Airdrop)

How to transfer NFTs on OpenSea (1)

9. Promote Your NFT Membership Card

What should you do after you have published your NFT membership card? Similar to selling any other product, you must promote it.
First, you have already established the project's mission and value proposition. Consider creating a community around this now. Communicate with your followers about this exciting new project via social media, newsletter, meetups, and events; engaging them in a consistent manner and informing them of your most recent updates.
You can collaborate with other influencers and businesses to reach a larger audience. Share the news, ask them to promote you, and collaborate with them. If they assist you with promotions or other endeavors, you can also airdrop them your NFT as a gift.
If possible, you should also attend NFT-specific events or exhibitions in order to promote your project. If you are a member of the Etcheve Future 100 and Local 100 artist group, we will promote our group's projects at these events.
Please feel free to review the promotion templates we've created for you.
Partnership introduction:
I am pleased to announce the launch of my NFT membership card in collaboration with Etcheve. Etcheve is a Web3 platform that assists creators in managing their communities and generating passive income. The membership card serves as permanent proof that you support my art and career, as well as access to my exclusive content, events, and other perks.
I am also pleased to announce that I am a member of Etcheve's Future 100 Artist Group. It is an invitation-only group that brings together top creators from various genres to explore future forms of art using cutting-edge technology.
I am also pleased to announce that I am a member of the Etcheve Local 100 Artist Group. It is an application group that brings together upcoming stars from various genres to explore future forms of art using cutting-edge technology.


10. How NFT Holders Can Redeem Their perks

If your NFT holders have questions about the user experience, you can add to your website or newsletter. We will take care of the questions.

11. FAQ

12. Case Sharing (Coming soon)