Future 100 Artist Group
Future 100 Artist Group

Future 100 Artist Group

Feb 3, 2023 06:21 AM


What's the future of art? Can new technologies like NFT and blockchain be used by artists and creators to make a new kind of art? Can technology help artists and creators connect with their communities better and make a more stable income?
As a gallery owner and curator, I'm excited about the future of the creator economy. Not only can new technology help creators and artists, but it could also change the way we appreciate art. - Patti Pan, Co-founder of Etcheve

📑About Future 100

Future 100 is a special art project run by Etcheve that brings together the best 100 artists and creators from different fields to test their NFT project ideas and create a positive impact for our planet through their creations.

👩‍🎨Who are current Future 100 Artist Group’s members?

  • Artists who have at least 500K followers on social media, or
  • Artists who have strong resumes in the industry, or
  • Celebrity artists

🧭 Project Mission

Our goal is to help the 100 best creators get into the NFT world, make a stable passive income to support their future projects, and change how people see and interact with art.
Creativity is contagious; pass it on. - Albert Einstein

🎁 Member Benefits

🖥 Product

  1. $10,000 credits to redeem Etcheve SaaS products and commission fees
  1. Early access to new Etcheve features
  1. One-on-one with Etcheve

🖼  Art

  1. Curated gallery exhibitions across the United States
  1. Special events for your followers and fans supported by Etcheve and its partners

📒 Governance

  1. Propose and vote on plans and actions of the group
  1. Propose and vote on new feature ideas and development priorities
  1. Propose and vote on gallery exhibition and event ideas

🎨 Creation

  1. collaborate and connect with other top artists and creators
  1. entice collectors with 100 creators' and Etcheve's perks
  1. Participate in Etcheve collaboration projects with other web 3.0 organizations.

📣 Marketing

  1. One free airdrop campaign
  1. Social media strategy support
  1. Community management operation manual

👑 Referral Program

  1. When you refer a creator friend, you will receive additional credits to redeem for Etcheve products and royalties

👑 What Kind of Artists Are In The Group

Visual artists, musicians, bands, writers, influencers, and more.

🔑 How to Participate

Future 100 is only open to people who have been invited or referred by existing members. You can contact info@etcheve.com for further information.

🛣 Roadmap

  • With 10 creators: the community will be launched (done)
  • With 20 creators: launch artist alliance feature and group project (in progress)
  • With 30 artists:
- curated art events both online and offline
- hire a part-time community manager
  • With 50 artists:
- start curated exhibition in galleries
- hire a full-time community manager
  • With 60 artists: start national tour exhibition
  • With 70 artists: present the group in top art fairs and art festival
  • With 80 artists: collaborate with museum for special projects
  • With 90 artists: international tour exhibition
  • With 100 artists: Future 100 Art Festival 🎉

📜 About Etcheve

Etcheve is a SaaS platform that helps creators without technical skills launch and sell NFT with perks so that they can attract and engage with their fans.
It's hard for creators to get into the NFT industry and use it to further their careers. We solve it by making the technical process as easy as possible. Your NFT project should be ready to go in 15 minutes within five clicks. We will add your "go-to-market" strategy, "perk," to your NFT so that you can interact with your current fans and attract new ones.
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