Create Metamask Wallet

Create Metamask Wallet

PC Version

Install MetaMask for Chrome Browser
Follow the youtube tutorial to set up MetaMask Account.

Note: Please keep your 'Secret Recovery Phrase' somewhere safe. (Write in a.txt file or on paper) You will use it to configure MetaMask on Mobile.

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Mobile Version

After you have configured the PC version of MetaMask, you can configure the mobile version.
Download Metamask from the APP store
  1. Search for MetaMask in your Android Play Store or Apple App store
    1. notion image
  1. Install the mobile application.
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  1. Choose “Import with Secret Recovery Phrase' option

Import with Secret Recovery Phrase'

To import your wallet account using this method follow the following steps:
Step 1: Enter your seed phrase in the given field.
Step 2: Enter New Password of your choice and confirm by entering it again in the later field.
MetaMask mobile allows you to sign in into the account with Fingerprint scanner instead of entering your password every time you access your account.
This method is used mostly to recover your wallet if you get locked out of the app or get a new device.