Airdrops for NFTs: Building Your Community with Airdrops

Airdrops for NFTs: Building Your Community with Airdrops

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Feb 9, 2023

Airdropping Methods for NFTs

An NFT airdrop is a way to distribute tokens directly to users’ wallets or addresses. There are several options to do this, each offering different advantages and disadvantages. Airdrops can be done through smart contracts, metamask extensions, or even through airdrop tools such as Etcheve.

Smart Contract Airdrops for NFTs:

Smart contract airdrops are advantageous because they are automated and immutable. A smart contract acts as a “vault” containing tokens that are distributed to users whenever an airdrop is triggered. This allows for fast and secure distribution of tokens to users.

Metamask Extensions for Airdrops:

Metamask extensions allow for more control over the airdrop and are easier to implement than smart contract airdrops. With Metamask, users can receive airdrops and other rewards without having to launch their own smart contract.

Airdrop Tools:

Airdrop tools such as Etcheve can be used to quickly and easily launch an airdrop. Tools such as Etcheve offer a dashboard where users can easily create, manage and launch airdrops. They also provide analytics and insights into the success of the airdrop.

Case Study of Airdrops to Community

A Case Study of Airdrops to the Community is about how airdrop campaigns have successfully engaged users, increased user bases, and created further awareness of a product or campaign. Airdrops can reward users for specific activities such as signing up, following on social media or referring friends and family.
Examples of airdrops to the community are:
1) offering $50 in their token MCO to those who sign up and purchase crypto,
2) offers users a portion of their BCH tokens when they register a wallet,
3) Brave offers users BAT tokens for watching ads,
4) Coinbase giving users EOS tokens for signing up and learning about EOS, and
5) Bancor gives users BNT tokens for referring their friends.
NFT projects using airdrops to do their marketing are: 1) Axie Infinity, 2) CryptoKitties, 3) Decentraland, 4) Sorare and 5) Zedrun.

Why You Should Choose Etcheve to Airdrop NFTs for Engagement with Fans

Etcheve is a powerful airdrop tool that can help you quickly and easily reach and engage your community members. With Etcheve's airdrop tools, you can create custom campaigns with various parameters such as type of token, number of tokens, and reward distribution. By using Etcheve, you can directly reach and engage your fans with your NFTs.


There are several methods available to airdrop NFTs to your community members. Smart contract airdrops, metamask extensions, and airdrop tools such as Etcheve all offer different advantages. A case study of the DAO using airdrops to engage community members has proven to be successful. Etcheve is a powerful airdrop tool which can help you quickly reach and engage your fans with NFTs.